Kitchen Art - Course

Kitchen Art Intros

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we gather, where we talk, and where we relax. We believe this communal space should epitomize your lifestyle, your values, and be a true reflection of your personal taste as a homeowner.

Students will learn, understand and know the following Duties of a Kitchen Designer

Kitchen Designers plan the functional aspects and the visual look of kitchen spaces for their clients. Kitchen Designers deal with deal clients first, discuss the detail of the project, draw the plan according to their client’s needs, prepare an estimated cost for the project, talk with architects, hire its own subcontractors, order the appliances and materials to be use and spearheaded the overall kitchen installation.
Kitchen Designers plan for the whole aspect of the kitchen including the color, lighting, cabinets, floor coverings, appliances, work spaces and the whole kitchen layout.
They illustrate their detailed plan either through hand drawings or design it with the use of software. They too should know how to read blueprints, building and fire codes and latest design and trend in the kitchen world. Kitchen Designers can either do both bathroom and kitchen designs in residential and commercial areas.
They need also to develop sales and design solutions for their clients as well as capable of making strategic pricing and project management.