Vocal Carnatic - Course

Vocal Carnatic Intros

Carnatic music the emergence of traditional capability. No one in this world will hate the rhythm of Carnatic music. Lots of audience has been increased for the carnatic music festival. Experienced teachers will teach the music in a better way. Advanced techniques have been arranged to learn the field of Carnatic. Carnatic classes have been arranged for the benefit of the students who would like to learn about Carnatic

Students will learn, understand and know the following

Helps build positive state of mind
It makes you disciplined.
Improves your creativity
Makes you a balanced person

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Helps build positive state of mind
It is very effective in building positive mental discipline. If you listen to Carnatic music regularly, it will result in improved focus, organized thoughts, and eliminate negative mental habits. So, it can be said that Carnatic music not just helps release tension, but also unlocks latent energies in the mind.
It makes you disciplined
Srisha, who has sung for some of the most popular Carnatic albums, believes that it’s because of Carnatic music only she is so disciplined and has been able to win medals in shooting which requires lots of concentration and discipline. Carnatic music or any other music requires the ability to be in harmony with the musical instruments, so it requires exceptional concentration and listening skills.
Improves your creativity
When expanding “Alapana”, or “Kalpana Swara” the artist’s creativity is let free. Hence, Carnatic music also helps improve your creativity.
Develops vocal chord in children
If children start learning Carnatic music at an early age, it helps develop their vocal cord and improves their pronunciation, thus improving quality of speech.
Makes you a balanced person
Carnatic music develops a sense of balance and proportion in a person.
No matter what your reason for listening to or learning Carnatic music, it’s certain that you are going to have a positive mind and a balanced personality that will make you shine like a star wherever you go! Just like ‘Super Singer’ Srisha, who not just became versatile, but also a multi faced personality after she started learning Carnatic music.